Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Lanzarote, part eight Manrique's first house, continued.

Continuing round Manrique’s first house, and just marvelling at the simplicity, yet striking beauty of it all.

A hole is just a hole to most people, but to Cesar, it was a feature to exploit.

This is what he’s all about – HUGE panoramic windows onto the views.
(I wouldn’t like his window cleaning bill, though)

You can see that the garden is just lava flow.

He knew how to grow a cacti as well!

Now then, should it be potatoes or cabbages this year?

Who needs a TV in the room when you’ve got THIS to look at?

A Picasso. The sort of ‘art’ I just hate, but he obviously liked it.

An almost child-like or urban mural on the walls of the garden.

Into the depths of the volcanic bubbles we go, to explore the house further.

Everything so pristine – they must clean it all the time!

The ‘white room’, complete with palm growing up through another hole.

Red and white, used to maximum effect.

Another part of the garden, with the blue pool striking amongst the greens and white.
You can see a (shaky) video of the garden & pool, click  HERE

That BBQ again, even that tree looks cool with the twisted trunk.
Nothing ‘ordinary’ for Cesar!

A real garden of Eden.

Is it a window shutter, or art?
Or a face??

One last look back as we started to leave this wonderful house.

As we left to continue our day, we caught the view of the volcano that Manrique had DELIBERATELY captured in the gate.

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