Saturday, 7 June 2014

Lanzarote, Beach day (the missing part eleven)

This is the final part - if you want part one - click HERE

Today was a beach day, so no 'proper' pictures really. We just drove to the Papagayo national park, parked up and got on the beach. Again, Manriques influence is here. There have been several attempts to cover this beach with umbrellas and sun beds, but these have been (rightly, in my opinion), resisted, mainly due to the efforts of the Manrique foundation.

These are your choices when you go to Papagayo.

Sue rushes to get to our favourite beach.

The line of beaches, looking from the cliffs.
We walked from Playa Blanca to that far one in the early part of this holiday.

Calm, still waters of Papagayo beach, a little sun-trap.

A little walk around the cliffs first to take in the views.

One of the two cafes has this strange camel-like figure on show.

The view of the volcano.

Time for some serious snorkeling.
It was in this bay that I finally got used to using fins. They felt weird at first, but once mastered, they REALLY get you places fast and effortlessly.

Looking up to the two cafes.

The beach got quite busy as the day wore on, but then it WAS Saturday, so a lot of locals probably join the tourists.

Later on, a jug of Sangria in the shade of the cafe umbrellas.

From time to time, small (and sometimes larger) yachts and trip boats pass by, some anchor up and the occupants take the opportunity to swim in these lovely, clear, warm waters.

We ended the day with another full walk on the top of the cliffs.

Then, it was back to the airport to return the car.

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