Friday, 6 June 2014

Lanzarote, final part, Rubicon marina.

The final part - if you've come here to see all the pictures, start at part one, by clicking; 

So – last day.  It was a little cloudy, but not too bad. We decided to walk the whole beach front again, just to take it all in, one last time.
It’s been a great holiday, with everything we could have wanted, from both the island and the hotel.

This is the harbour, peaceful and warm today.

Looking out across the bay as we walked west.
This is close to the ferry port (which is over my right shoulder).

We then walked all the way back east, to the new Rubicon marina.

This yacht was having some mast-top repairs.
I loved the way the guy sent his WIFE up there, while he stood looking up at her

Hang on there!

As we were close to the ‘Blue Note’ cafe, one of our favourite haunts, we thought it would be rude not to call in for a drink.
This ‘deconstructed’ piano hangs on the wall.

Some really nice murals behind the bar too, you can see the piano on the wall, just under the ‘toilets’ sign.

You can see a short video of the type of music played at night in the ‘Blue Note’ by clicking HERE

This super sculpture was hidden behind a wall, in the courtyard of what looked like a closed shop (or maybe a gallery??).
I climbed on the wall to get this shot.

The ‘Bella Lucia’ – one of two really beautiful old boats in the marina. We Googled the name, and got some interesting information on her. She was for sale at over a million euros! Read about her HERE

1881 – classic!

The other yacht next to her.

As we found a lot on this (and other Canarian islands), attention to detail made SUCH a difference.
This lovely mast is just a marker for the harbour entrance.

The old lighthouse restaurant and view over the bay to the mountains.

Point the camera down, and there were some delicate flowers growing here.

After refreshments in the Blue Note, we sauntered along the promenade and back to ‘our’ beach.
The ubiquitous ferry was plying across, back and forth, to Fuerteventura.

Fuerta’ looked very good and clear today, probably the clearest we’d seen it all week.

The man-made reef, which made for such good snorkeling.

So, one more look at the pool, and then we headed home the next day.
However, due to my ineptitude at blogging - I missed a part out - Papagayo reserve.

You can see that by clicking HERE

We flew late, so managed to get a mornings sun and snorkeling in, before making our way to the airport.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this photo journal of Lanzarote, and maybe it’s even tempted some of you to go?
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